Junior Composers does not offer scholarships, but works with partners (see below) who extend support to students through our programs. 



·         Awards are available through local, state, regional and national junior composer competitions sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs. Prize amounts and entrance fees vary.

·         WISCONSIN STUDENTS: Any Wisconsin student who enters the state level of the NFMC composition contest is eligible for a scholarship that covers 50% of the Junior Composers Summer Programs registration fee. This is made available by the Wisconsin chapter of the NFMC.

·         Eligibility: Students of teachers who belong to the NFMC are eligible.
Deadline: Check the NFMC website or ask your music teacher for more information.


·         ASCAP EARLY-BIRD SCHOLARSHIPS:  We are pleased to offer a $100 Early-Bird scholarship to the first 5 students to sign up for the Studio.  We also offer a $75 Early-Bird scholarship to the first 6 students to sign up for either the Composers Institute or the Songwriters Institute

·         ASCAP FINANCIAL HARDSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS: We are inviting students/families who are experiencing financial hardship to apply for these scholarships. For more details, contact Pat Steege (

   Minnesota OHE SCHOLARSHIP  

·         Minnesota students can receive scholarships up to $1,000 per summer through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE) Summer Academic Enrichment Program.

Eligibility: Students must be eligible for free or reduced lunches; currently in grades grades 8-11; must either have an overall "C" average or its equivalent in music for the most recently recorded academic term; and funds are still available. Deadline: Your scholarship application and registration for the camp are due June 16, 2017, and can be submitted online by clicking on your preferred summer program and entering your data on the registration form. Junior Composers will complete your scholarship request for you. You will be notified of the scholarship by late June 2017.
Documentation needed: 1) documentation from a school official that you are eligible for free or reduced price lunches and 2) grade report indicating that you have an overall "C" average or its equivalent for music courses in the most recently recorded academic term.


Youth and Teacher Training Summer Programs:

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