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By Randall - Posted on 23 August 2010

Hutchinson, Minnesota: New Music Capital

JCI alumni Eric Radloff and Jared "Mert" Hoeft grew up around the corner from each other in Hutchinson, Minnesota where they spent time doing the things that any young man would do in a small town: sports, Scouts, and school. 

What makes their story out-of-the-ordinary and what has bound them together has been their avid interest in composing music. Eric always has tended towards pop-rock and Jared delves into Classical and experimental music -- but in a small town they didn't specialize in their musical niches so much as create a society of mutual support and artistic influence.

After graduating high school, Eric headed west to the Thornton School of Music where he is enrolled in the first-ever Popular Music Performance degree program and Jared headed north to Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota where he is a music composition major.

YouTube Channels
Jared and Eric continue parallel paths even though they are hundreds of miles apart. They have both created their own YouTube channels to feature their compositions and performances.

Eric recently joined YouTube with his musical partner, song-writer Mia Minichiello, by posting a video of their April 2010 performance of "Shine" at Ground Zero on the USC campus. The music has the unexpected musical forms one finds in Sufjan Stevens' music or the harmonic elegance of Great Lake Swimmers without the elegaic darkness. The music veritably "shines" in the chorus. The song was apparently written in one hour as an assignment -- not unlike something you would experience at JCI!

Jared's YouTube channel has 23 uploads as of today with live performances of his compositions and other's. One of the more highly produced videos is called "Flight" for solo piano. This score references recent work by Christopher O'Riley, French impressionists, and the music of the film composer James Newton Howard.

The immediacy of live performance is possible with new social networking features at YouTube and facebook. We aren't certain, but we think these two new channels are not only a way for Jared and Eric to stay connected with each other's music, but one we can imagine every JCI alum will have one day soon.


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