Junior Composers Newsletter: Fall 2010

By Randall - Posted on 26 November 2010

For those of us who have been involved in Junior Composers from the beginning, it is a little difficult to fathom what has happened over the course of ten years. That's right: Junior Composers is celebrating its tenth anniversary season this coming July! What has changed in that time?

We have grown from 16 student enrolled in 2002 to 63 students enrolled this year.
We have moved from Northwestern College in Roseville (2002) to Augsburg College in Minneapolis (2006) to the University of Minnesota’s School of Music (2010).
We have diversified our program from a one-week residential camp that shared facilities and instructors with a piano camp to three camps running concurrently with a dedicated staff of twelve along with five interns.
We have collaborated with VocalEssence, conductors Philip Brunelle and Cary John Franklin, composers Dominick Argento, Stephen Paulus, Richard Marriott, and Sean McMahon, and pianist Matthew McCright.

A Program Map

The plans for the celebration are underway but we wanted to look beyond the confetti and noise-makers and map what we are doing this season. If you haven't been paying attention, Junior Composers is now a year-round program with the Workshop taking place during the school-year and our summer activities becoming more diverse.

Workshop: New Symphonies. September 2010 through June 2011.

Studio. July 11-23, 2011. A two-week residential camp for composers age 14-20 interested in composing for orchestra. Resident composer Libby Larsen will dig deep into some of her latest works to reveal secrets about writing for orchestra.

Songwriters Institute. July 16-22, 2011. A one-week residential camp for songwriters age 14-20 to sharpen skills, lyric-writing, make a demo and premiere a new song.

Composers Institute. July 17-23, 2011. A one-week residential camp for composers age 14-20 to sketch, notate, rehearse and premiere a new chamber work.

EVERYEAR. July 23-23, 2011. A two-day festival of events for alumni of JCI. 

What we are teaching

With our new website, we have the opportunity to write a "staff blog" to share our thoughts about teaching composing and matters of interest to our staff, alumni, and students. Here are two essays by Randall Davidson, our general director and faculty member for the Workshop and Composers Institute (JCI).

What's your learning style?

How to find a musical idea

Online Composers Forums (OCF)

In conjunction with our Workshop, we host online chats on the second and fourth Saturdays every month. You are invited! The topics are generated by those in attendance but our moderators (Randall Davidson and Jocelyn Hagen) lead the conversation through topics that will benefit our students. We have talked about notation software, clarinet harmonics, phrasing vs bowing for strings, and other "hot topics" when establishing a practice of composition. â€¨Join the conversation at 2pm (Central) on the second or fourth Saturday of the month by clicking on Online Forum in the orange strip at the top of our website. To read the archive of past chats, start a free membership and logon with your ID and password and then go to the "News" section of the website where you will find the OCF: Archive.


We hope to compile a list of performance opportunities, awards/fellowships, and composition contests in these newsletter. Here is a compilation of the latest. If you want to be kept up-to-date as they come online, click the orange RSS feed button in the top right column of our website.

Young Composers Competition (Orlando Philharmonic)

Steve Reich re-mix contest

Duluth-Superior Symphony Young Composers Competition

Reveille 2011 Composition Prize

Eighth Blackbird / Finale® Composition Contest

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