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Where are Junior Composers programs held?

All of our programs take place at Ferguson Hall, home to the University of Minnesota School of Music. It’s a state-of-the-art facility with wireless access throughout, a music technology lab with 14 work stations and Sibelius and Finale notation software, 70 security-monitored practice rooms, four small ensemble and three large ensemble rehearsal rooms, the Ultan Recital Hall, and "smart" classrooms.

How do I get there?

The University of Minnesota School of Music overlooks the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis and is easily accessible from major highways and by mass transit.  Directions can be found here.  If you are arriving by plane, please read Airport Transportation below.


Residential camps

Where will I stay during the Studio and Institute?

Students attending the Studio and Institute will spend most of their time working in Ferguson Hall, eating and sleeping in Middlebrook Hall, or walking across the street between them. Both buildings are on the West Bank campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Middlebrook Hall has recently been renovated and contains a dining hall, a picnic area, piano practice rooms, and common meeting rooms on each floor. Dorm rooms are large enough for roommates with shared restrooms down the hall. Linens (towels, sheets, pillow, pillow case and a blanket) are provided but you are welcome to bring your own, if you prefer.   Your fee is for a double occupancy dorm room.  You will be assigned a roommate upon arrival.


Who is in charge of supervision during Junior Composers camps? 

Supervision at Junior Composers is not about discipline but about easy and frequent access to expertise. That being said, students and parents will be given copies of the rules upon check-in. No drugs, smoking, or alcoholic beverages are allowed; students unable to abide by the rules are subject to dismissal with no refund. The ratio of students to supervisors is typically 4:1.

What forms do I need to fill out to attend camp?

You will need to complete the following forms before you are allowed to check-in at Junior Composers. The information you provide us will help us take better care of students.  Please download, print, and mail your completed forms to:

Laura Kloeckl, JCSP Registrar
11893 Gilbert Hett Road
Buffalo, SD 57720

"Contact and Medical Information for Minors" is important information for us to know if the student takes medication or has any special needs. We will also need contact information in case of emergency.

The "Liability" release is a standard form that acknowledges the existence of hazards during field trips, sickness, or accident and indemnifies Junior Composers.

The "Publicity release form" allows Junior Composers to make photographic, audio, and video documentation of students’ work and participation for promotional purposes. Signing the form also allows Junior Composers to charge students for copies of that documentation to cover costs. Junior Composers does not hold nor intend to imply ownership of students’ copyrights nor any liability associated with those copyrights.


Airport Transportation

Airport transportation for students is available for a $10/one way fee payable to the driver.  (Roundtrip is $20.)  Arrangements must be made PRIOR to camp with Pat Steege.

All camps have a 1:00 registration time.  Please book your flight to arrive late morning if possible.  The first meal we will have as a group will be a 5:00.  Students wanting to eat prior to that at campus, either at the cafeteria or from the vending machines, will have to use their own cash.

For departure flights, a 5 pm flight is the most ideal, as we hope to conclude by 3-4.  Traffic travel time between U of M and the airport is approximately 20-30 minutes.


What should I pack?

Suggestions would include:

Some packing suggestions:
o   parking cash during loading and unloading
o   $60 check payable to U of M for room & building key deposit (this check is handed back to you at checkout by the JC staff)
o   cell phone
o   snack money for vending machines
o   primary and secondary instruments that can be transported
o   Percussionists:  bring sticks, mallets, and beaters
o   laptop (with notation programs)
o    ear phones for computer lab (bring large adapter jack for piano keyboard use)
o    cash for Junior Composer CDs, apparel
o    Laundry on site is free, bring own soap (soap is generally available for purchase, as well)
o    Dress clothes for salon
o    Extra linens from home if desired.  The bedding package at the facility includes:  1 blanket, 2 towels (can be exchanged for fresh) and washcloth, clean sheets/pillow, cup.
o    FLASH drive
o    hand towel
o    power strip/extension cord for computers, blow dryers and such in dorm room.  Two dorm rooms of double occupancy share a nearby bathroom in the hallway.
o    alarm clock
o    Kleenex
o    backpack/tote bag
o    deodorant

Registration Time

Registration for each camp is from 1-2.  Please plan to arrive between those hours.   If you are early, feel free to walk around campus.  The first meal as a group will be at 5 PM.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

A refund will be granted if withdrawal from the program occurs on or before June 16th and notice has been given to Laura Kloeckl, Pat Steege, Emily Custer or Catherine Besonen.  The deposit amount is not refundable because we have been making decisions and signing contracts based on registrations.  The deposit amounts that are non-refundable are $100 for Institute or Songwriters, and $200 for Studio.


What if I have more questions?

Check our faculty and staff list to see who is best suited to answer your questions. We are all here to help you get the information you need.

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