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Teacher Training Institute: Courage, Creativity & Authenticity

A partnership between Junior Composers Summer Programs and Avivo

Friday, July 14 at 7pm through Tuesday, July 18 at 3pm

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Facilitators: Patricia Plude and Leo Wanenchak of Avivo, a community of Teaching Artists dedicated to fostering creativity and artistry in music education. For more information, please visit

In Avivo's signature workshop, participants practice the art of learning and teaching music through improvisation and engage in playful exploration of their artist-selves.

TTI 2017 will be informed and guided by excerpts from David Whyte's poetic text, Crossing an Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity. Our time together will include Creative Activities in Musicianship and Rhythms; Pedagogy Roundtables; and a multi-session Choral Experience.

Courage, Creativity and Authenticity is for musicians, private teachers, classroom teachers and choral or instrumental ensemble conductors who wish to learn more about themselves as artists, musicians and educators, and who want to infuse their music-making with new life!

Documentation of study will be provided to apply to Continuing Education Units in your state.

Session Descriptions

Choral Experience: We will explore a creative approach to aural understanding and facility applicable to any vocal or instrumental ensemble rehearsal.

Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity: In his poetic text, Crossing an Unknown Sea, David Whyte recalls a conversation with an individual he meets in a serendipitous manner at an important crossroads in his life. The man challenges him, "We all have our own ground to work, you know. You have yours, too. It is right on the edge of yourself. That's the edge you go to."

Through artful improvisation and guided reflection, participants will engage in active conversation with their creative edge and with the courage and authenticity that form the ground of their being.

Pedagogy Roundtables: Throughout the weekend, participants will be invited to reflect on their own experiences as adult learners and to explore how ideas and activities presented may be adapted to personal practice, the private lesson, group lesson, classroom teaching and the instrumental/vocal ensemble rehearsal.

Creative Activities Classes: These classes will offer a hands-on exploration of creative activities that will enrich, enliven and transform personal practice, the private lesson, classroom experience or rehearsal. Participants will depart with an experience of specific activities, which can be transported and adapted to their unique situation. Exact classes will be selected as the learning community takes shape during registration. Here are some possibilities:

  • Rhythm & Improvisation (entry level and more advanced for returning participants)
  • Musicianship & Improvisation (entry level and more advanced for returning participants)
  • Exploring Sound through Improvisation (foundation of acoustics and the overtone series)
  • Musicianship in the Private Lesson (discovering music as a language)


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